Posted by: Andy Huckridge | March 3, 2012

VSS Monitoring Builds Momentum Driven by Innovative Features and Growing Demand for High-ROI Network Intelligence Optimization

Leader in 4G Mobile Space Expands Technology Partner Ecosystem; Added Optimization Features; Supports Deployments for Eight of Top Ten Mobile Carriers Worldwide


BARCELONA, Spain (Mobile World Congress Booth: # 2B115) & SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (RSA Booth: # 2533) – Feb. 27, 2012 – VSS Monitoring, the world leader in Network Intelligence Optimization, today announced that it is building strong customer and partner momentum by providing the best ROI in the industry and introducing unrivaled features including packet deduplication and line-rate packet reassembly.

VSS’ unique systems based approach provides unmatched visibility and scalability to network intelligence tools without having to compromise security or link-level visibility. New packet de-duplication and fragment reassembly features reduce unnecessary overhead for enterprise network intelligence tools while increasing the overall performance and accuracy of existing tools.

Unprecedented levels of optimization allow enterprise network operators and security organizations to achieve information and security intelligence acceleration while ensuring existing network intelligence tools, incident analysis and response operations keep up with Big Data explosions, evolving cyber threats, rapidly increasing network speeds and the IP convergence between voice, video and data.

Growth highlights include:

  • Introduction of the monitoring industry’s most effective packet de-duplication and first line-rate packet reassembly features
  • Expansion of technology solution partner ecosystem to more than 40 leading companies
  • Customers including eight out of the top ten mobile carriers in the world, as well as recent deployments for a major tier-one North American carrier and one of the largest carriers internationally
  • Publication of best practices for the MultiService Forum; selected as the only monitoring vendor for MSF VoLTE Interoperability event
  • Introduction of ROI calculator tool
  • VSS products won awards for applications within 4G/LTE networks including Product of the Year Award from 4G Wireless Evolution and Excellence Award from INTERNET TELEPHONY
  • VSS was recognized as one of Silicon Valley’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal

Deduplication Feature:

  • As a result of multiple SPAN port configurations on the router sending data upstream as well as the monitoring of traffic from multiple points on an aggregator, copies of the same packet appear on the wire multiple times, rendering analytic tools less effective and decreasing the lifespan of tools.
  • VSS Monitoring’s packet deduplication feature removes duplicate network packets from traffic bound for analytics tools, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of existing monitoring solutions.

Defragmentation and Packet Reassembly Capability:

  • 4G/LTE mobile networks have mandated use of GTP (GPRS Tunneling Protocol), a group of IP-based communication protocols. When packets are encapsulated and reach maximum transmission unit size, the packet must be split into two or more fragments. With multiple routes and traffic types downstream of the traffic capture system, fragments separate and fall out of order. Lacking resemblance to the initial traffic, the network alters the delivery of the packet, causing a collection and backhaul of traffic.
  • VSS Monitoring’s defragmentation capability reassembles packets flowing into analytic tools, optimizing network performance.

Supporting Quotes:

  • Rob Markovich, senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing, VSS Monitoring, said: “More organizations are migrating their network infrastructures and platforms to the cloud, increasing the need for intelligent filtering of corporate data to the most appropriate security and analysis tool. To meet the needs of the ever evolving and growing network, VSS provides scalable and intelligent systems capable of pre-processing and pre-filtering data to provide the network intelligent tools with the appropriate traffic.”
  • Andy Huckridge, director of marketing, VSS Monitoring, said: “CapEx and OpEx constraints continue to be a critical challenge for operators rolling out new services. VSS solutions allow operators to optimize existing investments while maximizing the return on new investments – providing the monitoring industry’s best ROI. Our recent high profile deployments and the continued growth of our partner ecosystem highlight the importance of VSS’ innovative solutions across various industries, from government organizations to enterprises and carriers.”

 Supporting Resources:

About VSS Monitoring:
VSS Monitoring is the world leader in Network Intelligence Optimization, providing a visionary, systems approach for optimizing and scaling the connectivity between network switching and the network intelligence universe of analytics, security, and acceleration tools. VSS network intelligence optimization systems improve tool usage, simplify operations, increase efficiencies and greatly enhance ROI. The company is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif. For more information, visit


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