On The Monitoring Edge

Hi, I’m writing a series of articles about monitoring technologies, analytic tools, Network Packet Brokers – approaches and methodologies for Telecom networks. I’m looking for a magazine publisher and / or on-line syndication. Drop me an email…

June 2012 | Volume 1 / Number 1

June 2012 – Network Packet Brokers

“In April 2012, Gartner released an industry landscape which covered Network monitoring and defined a new term ‘Network Packet Brokers’ – this inaugural edition of On The Monitoring Edge will look at what they do, their advantages and why you should deploy one within your network.”

July 2012 | Volume 1 / Number 2

July 2012 – Mobile Network Security, Protecting the Mobile Security Gateway

For quite some time, the security market has not been the hottest – outside of Enterprise that is. Now though, there are certainly murmurs in the industry that things are changing and a new, Mobile Security Market is beginning to take off and will be worth $14.4B by 2017. Traditional security messages are mostly non-relevant for the Mobile security market and very often it’s not about securing the traffic – but more about securing the transport and the interfaces. Security in Mobile seems to be a different beast than Enterprise – right? Well not quite so fast…

Our columnist, Andy Huckridge, is Senior Director, Telecom Strategy & Marketing at VSS Monitoring, where he leads VSS’ strategy for the Service Provider, Operator & Carrier market segments. His responsibilities include product marketing, strategic business planning, market development and working directly with the sales teams to both promote and close opportunities. Andy has worked in the Silicon Valley Telecommunications industry for 16 years and has a broad background in defining and marketing products in the Semiconductor, Fixed and Mobile Telecoms space. He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Surrey, England. Andy has been active in various industry groups, including the Multi Service Forum, Network Intelligence Alliance, TesLA Alliance and considered a thought leader in Monitoring technologies for Telco applications. Andy is a VoIP patent holder, an IETF RFC co-author and inaugural member of the “Top 100 Voices of IP Communications” list.


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