Posted by: Andy Huckridge | February 16, 2012

VSS Monitoring Targets 4G/LTE Monitoring

VSS Monitoring unveiled a new framework for monitoring traffic and services across 4G/LTE networks.

Service providers have traditionally employed a flat architecture of probes and testers for monitoring their 2G and 3G network traffic locally. To handle more complex 4G networks, VSS Monitoring is developing a hierarchical framework capable of providing a network-wide view of traffic in real-time as well as packet-level visibility at any network node. The company said its “Network Monitoring 2.0” adopts a systems approach with no single point of failure. The system promises low-latency and scales to a worldwide distributed network.

Essentially, by decoupling the monitoring infrastructure from the core network, the traffic capture system can act as a universal access layer for all monitoring tools. The traffic capture layer is possible because the network taps are distributed and intelligent.

“Mobile operators clearly need a solution optimized for 4G monitoring,” said Andy Huckridge, VSS Director of Marketing.

VSS Monitoring’s Optimizer 2016 is an intelligent traffic capture device for networks from 10 Mbps to 10 GigE. It provides session-aware load balancing, a technology that maintains network session integrity to the monitoring infrastructure, allowing users to deploy multiple one Gigabit analytical tools to monitor a 10 GigE line, ensuring full coverage and maximizing monitor ROI. Hardware-based filtering allows users to filter traffic at line rate by address and protocols; users can also create custom filters. It supports VSS’ intelligent stacking technology, “vStack+”, which enables traffic capture devices to be deployed in a redundant, low-latency mesh for total, dynamic, fault-tolerant visibility that scales to even the largest networks.


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